Deidra R. Moore-Janvier, Esq.

From Me to You

The Power of Storytelling and Its Inherent Generational Wealth—An African American Story

It all started with a question:

My son, Justin, age ten, is the inspiration for this book. In September 2019, after attending a trip with Holocaust survivors, Justin and his friend began conversing about the Holocaust and slavery. Later that day, Justin asked “So, Mom, what exactly was slavery about?”

used what I had:

Research, analytical, and communication skills, which allowed me to learn more about the who, what, when, where, how, and why of the complex topic: slavery. I filled the gaps in my own knowledge surrounding this difficult topic.

did what I could:

I created a teachable moment for our son and From Me to You was born!

From Me to You is a multigenerational coffee table book focusing on multiple aspects of African American history and, by extension, American history. From Me to You explores the social impact and economic legacy of the once central American institution of slavery from the lens of enslaved Africans and their descendants through accessible storytelling.

Starting with Ida B. Wells and ending with former President Barack Obama, From Me to You features illustrations and short biographies of the most prominent nineteenth and twentieth century civil rights activists, centering their voices with quotes and affirmations anchored in the time in which they lived.

Special illustrations and quotes from Edwidge Danticat (award-winning author), Dr. Oneeka Williams (urologic surgeon and award-winning author), Dr. Pamela C.V. Jolly (international speaker and author), and the legendary Calvin Hill (retired NFL player) are within.

PRICE: $34.95
ISBN: 978-1-64543-6-232